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Farmers & Farming

Regardless of social, environmental and economic circumstances, our farmers only stick to the most sustainable methods of farming. Principles of permaculture, natural and traditional farming are adopted by these farmers who work with a deep insight into the regenerative ability of soil and land. Company of India functions to bridge the gaps of value addition, certification, market research and presence for the invaluable work of its’ farmers.

Craftsman & Crafts

Our artisans’ carefully preserved recipes and techniques find expression in the beautiful and innovative pieces they hand-make. Company of India ensures that these crafts get the stage that they deserve. From hand-made home fragrances and cosmetics, to cookware, home cleaning products and artefacts, the collection that Company of India is constantly bringing to the fore are unique, eco-friendly, and made with love.

Lifestyle & Consumption

The innate human desire to possess the things of beauty due to the inability to see from the perspective of unity, has got us into a lot of trouble and today we are at the risk of losing all the natural resources that we were blessed with. Company of India recognises its choice to either contribute to the world’s depleting resources or to the opposite, that is, to a responsible utilisation of the world’s resources – and therefore, chooses the later.

Inspiration & R&D

Inspiration & R&D are the cornerstone of celebration of life on earth. Riding the wave of curiosity, observation, knowledge and transcendence of knowledge only to ride a another more challenging wave of curiosity is part of the process of our evolution. To deny the right to enjoy and celebrate this gift is to disconnect from our true selves and our potential. Company of India is continuously innovating new food formulations and products that are on the edge of market disruption – the place where the opportunity to truly matter to the world and to each other exists.