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Cast Iron

Our vendors speak -Anyone who has tasted food made in iron vessels will vouch by the taste of it! Not only the taste, but food cooked in iron vessels also provides necessary minerals to our body. Ever wondered why our grandparents did not suffer from Iron deficiency? The “first grade iron” ensures that they work as good as or even better than the non-stick pans. Iron retains heat, helps in uniform cooking and prevents burning of food. To revive our tradition & make it global and contemporary, we bring to you a range of Iron cookware from the group of most experienced artisans of Tamil Nadu at the foothills of Western Ghats, making this hand-made cast iron cookware for generations

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Our vendors speak – These hand crafted tin vessels are best for making Rasam (South Indian Dish similar to tomato soup) which gives a distinct taste to the food prepared. Excellent for making dishes containing citric food like tomato, tamarind or lemon. Made of pure tin. A fast dying art form, these vessels would soon be a collector’s prize than a daily use vessel in our kitchens.

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Our vendors speak – We first noticed the grey, smooth stone cookware in our grandmothers’ kitchens and wanted to know more about it. Then began the search of kalchatti and the exploration took us to the soap stone quarries of Salem where a small community of artisans make these vessels. Each vessel is unique as it is carved out of a block of soap stone. With focus, skill and precise artisanship, it takes more than 4 hours to make one vessel.

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Our vendors speak – These artisans follow the traditional technique honed over ten generations working on clay from the Cauvery river delta. These last generation artisans live as a community and work together to retain what is left of their tradition.

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Our vendors speak – Recreate the taste of your grandmother and mother with this traditional cookware designed and developed to make the most delicious sweets. Made of pure bronze, this is a traditional cookware to make sweet pongal, kheer, payasam, upma and other delicacies. Traditionally, cooking in bronze was both tastier & healthier. All the metals provide natural supplement for our body. It also retains heat for several hours keeping the food warm. This bronze vessel is made in collaboration with the traditional artisans of Kerala and Tamil Nadu who were known across India for their skills in bronze ware over many generations, These vessels continue to be hand made by these artisans.

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Black Pottery

Our vendors speak – “Loree Hamlei”, the local name for stone pottery of Manipur is a traditional cookware which is used for cooking by the local community even today. The clay used for this pottery is obtained by crushing and mixing two types of rocks that are locally found in & around Longpi region of Manipur: Serpentinite & Weather rocks. The final stage of the pottery involves rubbing them with a local leaf known as Machee leaf which renders the black colour to the pottery.

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Our vendors speak – Neem tree, the ubiquitous ever-lasting tree that dot every household across India has played a critical role in the evolution of our sustainable lifestyle. Remember our grandmother’s home remedies using Neem leaves and Neem flowers to the traditional Neem kitchen utensils with incredible durability. A traditional household will always have one of these trees in their back yard to reap the rich benefits of this nature’s wonder. In our journey of reviving traditional knowledge, we at Zishta mapped the use of Neem based kitchen accessories as safe and simple solution to a sustainable kitchen across many traditional households in India. Building on this traditional knowledge, our range of Neem wood kitchen accessories help you bringing in to your household the wonderful benefits of Neem. Handcrafted by rural artisans of West Bengal, these products are a reminder of our rich and varied tradition.

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Our vendors speak – Handcrafted by traditional artisans of Maharashtra whose lineage dates back to the days of Shivaji Maharaja. They are known for exquisite craftsmanship

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Our vendors speak – Handcrafted by traditional artisans of Maharashtra with the highest quality copper. Loaded with health benefits and easy to clean

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