Mosquito Repellents

These scented anti mosquito candles are made using pure essential oils. They spread a pleasant fragrance, enhance the atmosphere and above all, keep the mosquitoes away. This is a multipurpose unique product line available in different colors.

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Floating Candles

Light, fragrant and available in different colours, these candles are hand-made through fair-trade practices

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Scented Candles for relaxing, while meditating or praying, while bathing, or to evocate memories of forest and vast ocean, or to enhance the mood, uplift the spirits, open the heart to emotions and clear the mind. Our aromatherapy candles are available in multiple fragrances and blends.

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Candle Holders

Hand-made ceramic candle holders that compliment our candle-lines

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Sand Candles

The sand candles are a unique creation. The outer crust of these candles is made of sand and each candle takes on a different texture and new look. When the candle is burnt out, the sand crust remains intact and can be used as a diffuser. The light that shines through the natural sand is simply beautiful. The sand scented candles, when lit, create a peaceful environment and are effectively used as an aid to meditation. Their pleasing aroma elevates our spirits, sanctifies the air around us and calms our senses. The highest quality of essential oils are used in the manufacture of these candles and are produced through fair trade practices.

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